Young people are the future. But how will the present world they inhabit affect it? A lot of life is now digital and there is literally no getting away from it. Our studies have shown that by the age of 11 the vast majority of kids have a phone, are active on social media and with peer pressure find it hard to switch off, many sleeping with a buzzing device next to their head at night.

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The impact of our 'always on’ culture is now becoming apparent, with sleep issues and self harm on the rise in young people. Our work with the kids themselves has shown that encouragingly, they do acknowledge a real issue with digital binging. 

Our approach is to actually co-create a solution with the kids themselves, through a series of multi disciplinary idea hacks. It’s all about them, their culture, their way of doing things. Only by working closely with them and understanding the nuances of being a teenager in a digital age, do we have any hope of producing a solution that they will embrace. A lofty aim but one we are embarking on with Vodafone. 


“They are highly proactive and collaborative and while working with them, became an extension to our team.  They’re imaginative and passionate, with specialist knowledge and an inclusive approach unlike many other agencies. They have helped us devise really innovative ways for our business to create sustained social impact - I enjoyed working them immensely.”  

Catherine Russell, CSR Lead, Vodafone


Falmouth University

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