Art - a doss subject right? A break in the school day when everyone can mess about, catch up with friends, have a laugh. So clearly in a time of cutbacks and austerity it’s fine to see creative subjects being cut from the curriculum in 90% of comprehensive schools?

Not so, according to the private sector, with creative subjects firmly on the syllabus and growing each year. They recognise that lateral thinking, problem solving and self expression are crucial skills as they look to ‘future proof’ the next generation against increasingly clever machines and automation.


So how to democratise art and stop the gap in our 2-tier education system getting wider?  We set out with Sotheby’s to find out. We conducted research, ran multi-disciplinary idea hacks and started to develop a social innovation that will look to do just that.

Everyone needs an outlet for creativity. One student’s watercolour is another’s graffiti. And so, relevance is our anchor. In all of our work the end user has the biggest say. So we have set ourselves the challenge of not only democratising the teaching of art and the creative process, but making it relevant and exciting to every child - regardless of how or where they live.


“We saw a real opportunity to do more to use our staff and other assets to create positive change, but weren’t sure how to take CSR beyond grassroots activities. Epiphany helped us with this, bringing great expertise and passion to the process. Innovation and partnership is integral to the way they work and we are really excited about the plans we’ve developed together.”

Kathyrn Ward, Director, HR & Head of CSR (London), Sotheby’s




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