Ah Cornwall - buckets and spades, beautiful sandy beaches and the best surf this side of Malibu. But it’s also an area of mass deprivation, poverty and rural isolation having recently been named the second poorest region in the whole of western Europe.


Falmouth University is a hub of creative thinking and design innovation. They are looking to apply their skills to overcome some of the challenges faced by local people, in new and effective ways.

Our insight process will seek the opinions of policy makers, student groups and most importantly the communities themselves. This approach is important as it puts the focus on finding a solution, rather than ruminating in the issues and obstacles.

Co-creation with the end users is central to our approach. More often than not, solutions that are dreamt up on high, then imposed on communities suffer from a lack of take-up and genuine effectiveness. We favour a human-centred approach to innovation.


"Epiphany have gone where others fear to tread in seeking to develop ideas with a broad spectrum of the community in Cornwall. I’m convinced that this brave and novel approach will lead us to a social innovation that lands"

Robert Hillier - Director of Communications, Falmouth University



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